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Professional Immunology Transcription Service has been specializing in the interpretation and documentation of medical information for more than 20 years. Professional immunologist Transcription Service is committed to professionalism in our work and willingness to please our clients. Learn more about PTS and how we can help your medical practice.Our medical transcription company has the capacity to take on any medical transcription job, no matter how big or small. Based on our experience and expertise, our talented team of medical transcriptionists give your medical transcription project their undivided attention until the job is done.providing accurate medical Immunology transcription services for healthcare clients across the U.S. and worldwide. A leader in providing quality documentation services, we are experienced in serving all major specialties including radiology, critical care, family practice, neurology, occupational medicine and physical therapy

We are globally recognized for our innovative solutions that help healthcare practices run more efficiently. Specialized in medical billing, medical Immunology transcription, ICD-10 implementation support, A/R reporting, coding audits and credentialing services, our goal is to work with you and find a solution that fits your requirement. Let your concern be back office support such as payroll and accounting or even improving your revenue cycle through more clean claims, we will work closely with you and your staff to enhance your ability to realize the full potential of your medical practice. We also provide medical immunologist website design with ecommerce and patient portal,we put the newest digital and internet technologies to work for you. Using this HIPAA-compliant web site you can upload your voice files to our secure server.

Within 24-hours, your dictated voice files will be transcribed, edited, and proofread –a quality system accountability process. Included with the Immunology transcription will be a designated cover page - created specifically for you search engine optimization, healthcare document conversion/digitization and healthcare staffing solutions.transcription immunologist provider two questions: where are your servers and do you use overseas transcriptionists? To ensure adherence to Australia's strict privacy legislation our servers are held in Australia and we do not, and never will, outsource work overseas. Once an overseas transcriptionist accesses your audio file it is now outside Australian jurisdiction and extremely vulnerable. We are also proud to support the domestic workforce with a fair rate of pay. In this regard we are unashamedly parochial!