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Our internal medicine transcription services are backed by a highly dedicated team of transcriptionists and a system that allows you to conduct business as usual and truly decreases cost. PTS is your partner in the interpretation, documentation, and communication of medical information. Our medical transcription service is personally committed to you! allows medical internal medicine transcription providers to offer EHR interfacing that maximizes medical facility and clinician productivity while maintaining Meaningful Use. Our medical internal medicine transcription company can provide medical transcription services using digital voice recorders or direct phone line dictation. All completed medical transcripts can be instantly downloaded right off our secure Internet site.Our dedicated medical language specialists are experienced in serving hospitals, emergency care facilities, multi-discipline groups, solo practitioners, radiologists, and free-standing surgery centers. Typical documents include Histories and Physicals, Operative Reports, Consults, Discharge Summaries, Scopes, Radiology Reports, Progress Notes and Letters. Our trained ears have experience with different accents and dialects, and accuracy is consistently above 99%. .

Minimizing operational change is an imperative that is top of mind for all busy healthcare organizations. DaRT (Discrete Accurate Reportable Transcription) is a complimentary solution to an implemented EHR, maximizing productivity by allowing clinicians to continue to dictate. DaRT tags transcription content — Chief Complaint, Medical History, Family History, etc. — and discretely populates the EHR behind the scenes. Emdat's fully automated documentation workflow simplifies the process and expedites document delivery.medical internal medicine transcription services. We are a full-service, 24/7/365 digital transcription company serving clients from coast to coast. Our U.S. based staff is knowledgeable in many different disciplines of medicine, while specializing in internal medicine transcription services. Founded in 1990 with a small staff of three transcriptionists

accurate internal medicine transcription service,Our medical transcription company employs medical transcriptionists with more than 20 years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the medical transcription industry. There is no medical terminology that we have not encountered. medical transcription services, serving clients across North America. Our internal medicine transcription company is built around providing fast and accurate HIPAA-compliant services, at competitive pricings. Over a period of time, we have offered superior transcription services in various branches of medicine and successfully achieved completeThis is why all of our clients continue to rely on us, because our medical transcription company continues to strive to provide them with accurate medical transcription services with a quick turnaround. fast turnaround, and outstanding customer service is our only priority. When you outsource your medical transcriptions, you need a internal medicine transcription company that provides flawless medical transcriptions with a fast turnaround. We also work with any EMR (electronic medical records) and will merge your dictation into the EMR system of your choice