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Medical Records (EMR)

Outsourcing of medical transcription Agency. We provide the timely production of accurate medical reports, which are essential for optimal patient care, and necessary for health care providers to receive reimbursement. Medical Transcription Agency provides timely and accurate transcription/editing of clinical reports and distribution, with the main focus being on acute care dictation. The Dictation, Speech Recognition, Transcription (DST) platform is province wide at both Covenant Health and Alberta Health agency sites. The DST system allows for standardized tools and processes for both providers and medical transcriptionists, which provides better turn-around times and improved patient care. In 2014/15 all Covenant sites transitioned to the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription (Nuance) medical transcription platform, a speech recognition solution designed to fully integrate with the EHR and streamline clinical documentation.

Healthcare Transcription Service
Healthcare medical transcription agency market will expand at a 5.60% CAGR during the forecast period from 2013 to 2019. The global healthcare transcription agency market will benefit from the growth in healthcare automation. Healthcare automation is also driving speech technology. Although this technology has yet to find its niche in the global healthcare market, it has helped automate processes and save substantial costs. global medical transcription agency market is divided into consultation reports (CONSULTS), operative note or report (OP), discharge summary (DS), history and physical report (H&P), and others (pathology report and radiology report). The CONSULT segment is leading the global medical transcription agency market and is projected to expand at a 3.30% CAGR during the forecasting horizons

Medical Transcription To Hospitals
We are dedicated towards providing medical transcription to hospitals custom-made medical solutions that are based on the unwavering foundations of reasonable pricing, finer quality, comprehensive medical expertise, and swift deliverance. By meeting these critical factors of the trade, we aim to contribute towards better patient care and enhance doctor’s satisfaction. transcription agency offered at Transbizz include operative & emergency room reports, patient’s discharge summaries, physical reports and digital dictation agency etc. Quality and accuracy are the main standards which we concentrate while doing your medical transcription to hospitals Transbizz has a highly experienced and dedicated cardiology transcription team that can effectively transcribe notes that are associated with cardiac catheterizations, electrophysiology, echocardiograms and treadmill tests..