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Medical pathology Transcription and EMR/EHR integration. With our HIPAA-compliant, web-based system, we provide customized workflow processes for the solo practitioner, physician group, or clinic looking to organize, automate, and streamline their patient documentation process. This process includes 24/7 dictation acceptance with a pathology transcription TAT of 24-48 hours Primary care physicians,we provide excellence of quality that is the nation's highest by working closely with the transcription/medical records staff of each facility, maintaining samples of difficult physician dictation so that our transcriptionists become as familiar with the dictation as the transcriptionists within a specific facility. Our quality assurance guidelines are based on those attending physicians and the like can be designated to receive copies of a transcription either electronically, via auto-fax, or by standard mail. An online database of referring clinicians is used to easily assign recipients per the dictation. No time is wasted researching names and addresses

Transcribing pathologist offers a dictation/transcription platform for our clients using the newest technology in the market today thereby providing the highest service standards within the pathology transcription industry. The system captures, manages and transfers verbal information into a centralized system for work processing.leading provider of medical pathology transcription services. We have a real appreciation of the level of skill and care that needs to go into the production of clinical documentation. Our panel of UK secretaries is second to none, with a skill set covering all medical disciplines. Our promise is that we will provide you with a team of medical pathology secretaries who have up-to-date experience in your area of specialism

Medical pathologist Transcription Service offers the latest state-of-the art technology, including a fully integrated and HIPAA compliant web-based healthcare documentation and distribution system. Our clients can access reports via any computer with an internet connection. For more information on how this will benefit your practice increasing number of pathologist practices are demanding more technological advancements from their transcription services. The need for digital file transfer, better HIPAA security and privacy measures, and electronic delivery of completed documents are all requiring transcription companies to re-think the way they process dictation and transcription transcription is archived for the time we handle your account. Therefore, should your chart become misplaced, we can recreate the dictation on a particular patient -- very helpful also in the event there are legal questions which arise